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Editor: Paul Stevens
Co-editor: Peter Bloxsom
Artist/photographer: Patricia Wallace Jones


“From earliest childhood, I was almost always conscious of a strong, sometimes frightening, sometimes deeply reassuring current of sheer meaning in things and people, a pressure of significance that only rarely carried over into what people commonly said. The world was resonant and radiant with meanings and, knowing this, how could I speak as if none of it mattered, or leave it out the way people seemed to do?”
    — Les Murray, quoted in John Whitworth’s essay, “The Quality of Les”

Sex is a Nazi. The students all knew
this at your school. To it, everyone’s subhuman
for parts of their lives. Some are all their lives.
You’ll be one of those if these things worry you....
     — from “Rock Music” by Les Murray

...Why not believe the universe
is what we’ve dreamed, a single
chord in an eternal symphony,
a trembling infinity of strings.
In silent winter woods, who
has not heard the humming
at the heart of everything?
   — from “The Landscape from Here” by  Antonia Clark

A penny saved is useless.
A stitch in time looks shabby.
If life deals you lemons, they’re juiceless.
The early bird is crabby...
   — from “Practical Poverbs” by Susan McLean

She mimes the unimaginable cry:
a splintered thing which shipwrecks in the throat;
a stranded vocal, starting high and dry,
then unsustainable; a sunken note....
   — from “At Sea” by  Philip Quinlan

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The Chimaera is an online miscellany of poetry and prose. Welcome to our eighth issue. Our Feature Theme this time is Life, the Universe and Everything. Our Spotlight Author in this issue is Australian poet Les Murray. For more about the content, see the Editorial page.

Recorded readings accompany some of the poems. A page with one or more voice recordings is marked with a speaker icon in the menus. We hope the voice recordings add extra interest. To play the sound recording (Flash required), use the player controls following the title or end of the poem.

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Plans for future issues of The Chimaera are undecided. Meanwhile we are closed for submissions. More details on our Editorial page.