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The Australian poet Stephen Edgar’s poem “Man on the Moon” can be found in his collection Other Summers .... With a single reservation, I think it is a perfect poem, although “perfect” is an adjective I would rather not be caught using.
    — Clive James

How can she do this now that it’s all changed,
Present her lips to kiss
As though that known face were the same as this
From which you’ve been estranged?
    — Stephen Edgar, “The Kiss”

If we go daft together we
will die like fools without a clue.
You won’t help me, I won’t help you.
We’ll blunder independently,...
     — Janet Kenny, Daft

So many things by reason reason’d are
It wonders me. If hurrieder I go,
Behinder I end up! Ya, I grow far
Too soon old und too late schmart!...
     — Patti McCarty,  If Shakespeare Were Amish 

I feel newly possessed of interest in
The convolutions of my large intestine.
     — Chris O’Carroll, The Procedure

I’m Joan Hunter Dunn, Miss Joan Hunter Dunn,
Hunting a husband in Aldershot sun.
I’ve the pick of the barracks; but all that I’ve found
Is this limp little poet who just hangs around.
     — Martin Parker, No Medals for the Subaltern

The glass I leave’s an empty one;
I polish off each drop.
It’s only when the bottle’s done
that I know when to stop.
    — Leslie Monsour, Polishing Off the Sherry

And nothing in our laughter as we fell
into those leaves was like the autumn’s cry
of also falling.... 
    — Michael Burch, Leaf Fall

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The Chimaera is an online miscellany of poetry and prose. We have been publishing three issues per year, but are now changing over to twice-yearly publication.

Welcome to our fifth issue. Our Feature Theme this time is Light Verse, edited by John Whitworth and with an introduction by him. Our Spotlight Feature focuses on Australian poet Stephen Edgar. For more about the content, see the Editorial page.

Recorded readings accompany some of the poems. A page with one or more voice recordings is marked with a speaker icon in the menus. We hope the voice recordings add extra interest. To play the sound recording (Flash required), use the player controls directly below the poem.

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The next issue’s feature theme will be poems in well-wrought form. More details on our Editorial page.
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