The Chimaera: a literary miscellany

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We regard the first and second issues of II as “proto-Chimaera” issues.

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Please also look in on The Chimaera’s insalubrious parent, The Shit Creek Review.


About The Chimaera

The Chimaera in Greek mythology is a fabulous beast composed of disparate parts,

who breathed awful fire,
Three-headed, frightening, huge, swift-footed, strong,
One head a bright-eyed lion’s, one a goat’s
The third a snake’s, a mighty dragon-head.

(Hesiod, Theogony, II. 321-4 transl. Dorothea Wender)

Likewise this ezine is essentially a miscellany. There is strong, muscular work that roars like the lion, sly work that slithers in through the cracks, and work that plays the giddy goat. In other words a miscellany of serious and not-so-serious verse and prose. There will usually be a feature section for which we’ll invite submissions on a given theme, and a general section of poems and prose on other topics.


We have published new issues in March 2010 and July 2011. Future issues are undecided and we are currently closed for submissions.

The Chimaera publishes verse, both themed and various, as well as prose. Our prose content includes fiction and also critical prose, which may cover a wide range of subjects: principally poetry and literature, but also historiography, art, film, drama, mythology and all sorts of other cultural matters; in short, whatever we find interesting and entertaining.

In verse we have a bias towards form, of one kind or another, but will look at whatever is submitted. In verse and prose we have a global range and interest, but also somewhat of an Australian accent: we are keen to publish work on Australian themes, and work by Australians.